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Rhythm Tools Lite app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 9936 ratings )
Music Education
Developer: Lee Liang Hong
Current version: 2.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 Mar 2015
App size: 11.02 Mb

Rhythm Tools: Drummer Notation introduces traditionally handwritten scores to the convenience of touch screen technology. Delivering a fast, straightforward and intuitive way of charting drum parts. Rhythm Tools: Drummer Notation is the app that brings simplicity to transcribing, archiving and sharing your drum notations on the iPad.

Ideal for:
Music Educators
Music Students
Session Musicians

Updates on v1.1

1. All macro icons work proper i.e. bar lines, Text, D.C, D.S, Coda, Segno, p, f, Crescendos and Decrescendos
- They are reflected in the reader mode after chart is saved
- They are can be further edited from a previously saved chart

2. Sextuplet and demisemiquaver subdivisions are correctly reflected
- All sextuplet and demisemiquaver permutations have been corrected to reflect the accurate notation according to the notes selected.

3. Search function within the archive is corrected
- File selected within the archive chosen for reader mode and edit mode

4. "Done" button automatic directs users back to reader mode of the finished chart

5. Attack spaces of similes, multiple repeat, bar lines, repeat signs, double bar lines, multiple rests are limited to within the ledger lines only.
- Accidental taps on spaces will not have any effect on the chart.

Updates on v1.2

1. All notation is converted to single layer (Stems point up, beams connecting on the top)

2. Text written in between ledger lines can now be shifted up and down 3 lanes.

3. Neutral clef added.

4. Notes within the bar a now centralised. They shift to the right to accommodate time signatures added into the bar.

5. Updated icons. Some edits to the manuscript icons.

6. Macro and Micro Editor has new templates.

7. Micro Editor has beats per bar function; 2 beats per bar to reflect 2/4, 4 beats per bar to reflect 4/4

8. Triplets and semiquavers rendering reflected accurately.

9. Instabug feedback mechanism removed.

Updates on v.2.0

1. New 6/8 Feature with 3, 6 notes per beat

2. Beats Per Bar Feature will allow toggle between 2/4 and 4/4

3. All new visuals for the following:

- Rests
- All macro editor icons

4. New function for multiple repeat bars

5. New function for mutltiple repeat rests

6. Select all function available when using the Micro Editor

7. New visuals for notes

8. Add page purchase available; charts can now exceed one page

9. Share functions purchase available: charts can now be shared via PDF or RhythmTools format via email or dropbox. Private iCloud Storage made available upon purchase

Things to look out for v.2.1

1. Tie function

2. More bugs removed

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